WELCOME! www.primerealestate.com.ph is the official website of CPFuentevilla Realty,your link to Philippine properties and investment opportunities. It is a realty-service firm designed to provide all information about purchasing and investing in the Philippine real estate properties. It is solely owned and managed by a licensed real estate broker, Caraciolo “Yul” Fuentevilla, RN,REB.  It was launched on October 24, 2014. Now, ready and happy to serve you!

Its guiding principles:

It highly regards its clientele and business partners as the most valued people in the real estate industry. Moreover, it operates with utmost care, integrity and transparency that would result in total customer satisfaction.

Its motto: Listens, Understands and Delivers!

Its advocacy: Stop Renting, Start Owning Your Dream Home Now!

Reasons why a buyer should hire a licensed broker:

Broker’s friendly advice to prospects and valued clients: to have peace of mind, a professional service of a licensed broker would definitely help you to what exact property you are looking for. The Philippine Regulation Commission has now professionalized the practice of real estate service in order to protect both the clients and real estate developers from undesirable transaction made by the broker. In other words, as a real estate practitioner, our license will be at stake if we do things not in proper perspective. Additionally, I would like to correct a Buyer’s View that there is no price difference as to the total contract price if you hire a licensed broker from the contract price of the property developers. All sample computations presented to you come directly from them that authorize  a duly accredited, licensed broker to do the sales presentation. And usually, the sample computation is the actual contract price when you reserve a property right away. Finally, a licensed broker gladly treats his/her clients/prospects with utmost care even after completing the delivery of his/her services in the hope of getting future repeat businesses and referrals from them.


                                                                                          LISTENS. UNDERSTANDS. DELIVERS!